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Pollinators have declined wordlwide as a result of habitat loss and other factors.  The CP42 pollinator planting provides landowners a way to create longer lasting meadows of high quality native wildflowers that support pollinators and other wildlife populations thoughout the growing season.  Pollinator plantings by land owners provides large scale sources of pollen and nectar that keep pollinators and their habitat healthy.  


CRP Pollinator seed mixes are mixed to meet your contract specifications.  Please email your NRCS contract to for the most accurate quote.   We will provide a sample seed tag for preapproval to ensure that the mix meets the requirements.  


Little Bluestem 4 PLS sq ft

Sideoats 2.670 PLS sq ft

Forbs 20 PLS sq ft


Recommend 6-7 LBS per acre



CP42 Mix #18 Pollinator

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