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Buffer strips can be important feeding nesting and shelter areas for a variety of game and non game wildlife.  In addition to habitat, buffer strips improve water quality, increase soil health and prevent erosion.  The diversity of the seed mix is important with native grasses providing deep roots to hold soil together and provide better processing of biochemical processing of nutrients.   Diverse mixes that include forbs provide flower and seed for longer periods of time, so they can serve important purposes in different parts of the year. 


CRP and EQUIP mixes are custom mixed to meet your contract specifications.  Please email your NRCS contract to for the most accurate quote.   We will provide a sample seed tag for preapproval to ensure that the mix meets the requirements.  


Price Shown is the average cost per acre.  

9 pls lbs/ acre    40 seeds/square foot


Grass varieties may vary by seeding contract but generally include-

Little Bluestem (Aldous)

Sideoats Grama (El Reno)

Switchgrass (Cave n Rock)

Virginia Wildrye (Quivre River)


20 native flowering forb species, with at least 3 species in each bloom period.  No single forb species will be included at rates over 10% or less than .1 percent.  Annual/Biennial forbs will not exceed 10%.

2 milkweed species at a minimum of 3% of total mix.  All seed used will meet the Missouri Seed Source Geography, and seed test dates will comply. 




CP33 - Habitat Buffers For Upland Birds

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